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Welcome fellow RADsters!

Image courtesy of [Salvatore Vuono] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of [Salvatore Vuono] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Welcome to the Blog!

Please bare with me as I navigate my way through all this techno-stuff.  Today I took the plunge. How difficult can it be? I ask myself. Everyone is doing it, so why not me?

Google being one of my favorite friends, I have come to realise that information is out there and it’s free, thanks to the genius of the internet. No more dusting off old books to research and spending tedious hours in a library cross-referencing information, not that I don’t love the feel of a book….there is nothing that quite beats reading a book before bed or while soaking up the rays. As a child books were my adventures, my escape, my go to place for everything that stimulated my curiosity.

Now, the internet has become my place for info seeking and most of all learning…. the more I research certain topics, the more I want to know and understand…..  with all that knowledge out there waiting to be absorbed and used…. how can we not embrace what has become a global culture?

As I continue with this blog; it is bound to evolve… of course it will…. I am only getting started. There is a sense of anticipation very similar to the feeling I get when I have an idea for a painting and the blank canvas stares at me waiting for the first line or splatter. Layer for layer, bit by bit the image emerges and finally….satisfaction.  Now the anticipation becomes something totally different….. do I share it?

For this my first post, I think I better keep it short…. before I am up all night nursing this baby…. Feel free to make suggestions and share. For now, I bid you all a good night or a good morning…..


2 comments on “Welcome fellow RADsters!

  1. Tessa Davids
    January 20, 2013

    Congrates on taking the plunge love! U off to a brilliant start! All the best and I can’t wait to learn and be entertained.

    • Tonya Laure-Smith
      January 20, 2013

      Thank you most kindly, Tessa. Watch this space and join in the conversation. I am sure you have some valuable insights that can inspire some of our young RADsters out there.

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