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Fireworks 111

I say YES to experiential learning! Here I am, on day…. how many days since I started fiddling with the blog? The fact that I can’t remember just shows how I have immersed myself in this process of discovery. Feels great!

And just what have I discovered? Old dogs can learn new tricks. The journey of discovery begins with you… well this we all know…. Passion and perseverance pays off. Learning is free and does not require a credit card; thanks to the wonders of the internet and a world wide community of people willing to share knowledge. A special thanks to those who still rally to keep our access to knowledge free.

I am not going to diminish the value of face to face interactive learning or negate the value of the teaching profession. What I am suggesting is that if you really want to learn something and you can access the knowledge base, then you can.

Having said this, however, you can never underestimate the value of the teaching profession, particularly those fabulous teachers who stimulate enquiry and passion for subject matter. While writing this, I am reflecting on some of the teachers I had in my life and not all of them from the traditional schooling system. Many of them were everyday people who to this day have no idea as to the significant role they played in my life.

Returning to the actual reason for this post and why I am compelled to discuss learning. I have discovered that there is a difference between pages and posts….

How To Use WordPress: What’s The difference Between A WordPress Blog Post And A WordPress Page

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I am amazed at all the information out there. Recalling how I came across this lovely bit of info is a bit of a mystery to me since I tend to search too many topics at the same time. All I can say for now is thanks . Progress has been made and I now have a little more understanding of this medium.  We have lift off and a new sub page that I hope all you music lovers will add to and visit frequently.


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