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Hug your inner artist

aboriginal_artWe all have days of feeling uninspired and all we want to do is stay in bed and cover our heads and wait for someone to click the fast- forward button. Whatever our reason for feeling this way…and there always is one… I have come to the conclusion that perhaps we should be clicking the rewind-button instead. Why? Because at some point you were not feeling uninspired; you were full of passion and eager to get out there and do your thing. Some of the time but not always, what we are feeling is actually burn out, information overload. It feels like you cannot catch your breath, your brain pounds away inside your head and try as you may; you have the attention span of a …….fill in the blanks…..while I catch my breath.

Hey, I just noticed that I might not be following the rules for punctuation! EEEKKK! A very special friend of mine, let’s call him the English Teacher….he is an English teacher… just by the way… told me that the “rules” have changed some what since my school years. Well, I do like using dots. I like dots, they remind me of atoms and molecules, of aboriginal artwork and dot pointillism……………..so, hopefully I am not going to be insulting any ¬†punctuation purists out there while I fill this post with all these dots….

I regress while feebly attempting to reconnect the dots in my own brain back on topic. I think that little sojourn into the ether is over…. is it? I have caught my breath, so I guess it was a worthwhile exercise which brings me back to the point I was trying to make in the first place which is… do not beat yourself over the head with a sledgehammer every time you are feeling the way you do… it is often in these moments…when I give myself permission… that I discover something new…even if it is only a fragment… embrace all of you and all that you are… give yourself a hug. Hug your inner artist because in the depths of our emotions comes the light we express in our art. Be kind to yourself and you will find yourself being kind to others.

PS: If you are dotty over dots, send me some examples of your dotty artwork with a short bio and let’s get dotty together… !


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