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Interview with an Artist- Jannie Uitlander

Jannie Uitlander Pic with cameraJannie Uitlander’s goal in life was to become a soldier. Unfortunately, this dream was shattered by his breaking his legs, which forced him to reconsider his career options and so he trained as an artisan and worked in many creative wood-related industries. As an artist he began painting in enamel paint which is an unusual medium on canvas and most people are surprised by it. For Jannie, the paint was both cost effective and a medium completely familiar to him.

“The world is too small to simply do one thing. It is good to do more than one kind of art and to push the boundaries. To do something new means you are not stuck with the old things in life.”

Jannie does both sculptural work and painting and his adventure is finding balance. He believes that the key to the arts is workshops and going to many exhibitions as part of the learning experience. Being exposed to as much art as possible is vital. In his own words:

“Art is not about painting, it is about fighting.”

His series of domestic scenes is about life and cleaning which took a period of 4 years to complete.

Jannie Uitlander The daily Grind series

“It does not matter what is happening in your life, you will still have to attend to the mundane. You will always have to clean. It reminds me that I am alive.”

Jannie takes many photographs of the region where he finds himself as a visual journal, coming back to them for inspiration for later works. He is inspired by the views, the light at certain times of the day and the lines and colours that make up the landscapes of the area in which he finds himself. He is jokingly also most inspired when his work sells and least inspired by painting laying in his room unsold.

“Art is a journey.”

Jannie Uitlander’s journey finds him as the newly appointed curator for the Montagu Museum Art Gallery housed in the old KWV Building on the corner of Long and Kohler Street, Montagu. The gallery also has a permanent collection of world renowned artist Francois Krige.

Jannie”s tips for aspirant young artists:

Art creates a feeling
Tell your story
Know what you like


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    August 25, 2014

    There’s certainly a lot to know about this issue. I like all of the points you

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