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Interview with an Artist- Richard Hickman

Richard Hickman and examplesRichard Hickman, an artist from Montagu has been drawing all his life, but painting more seriously in the last 9 years. With no formal training, Richard prefers to deliberately reject the formality of composition. A free flow approach to his work gives him much satisfaction as he is free to explore his art.

He works mainly in watercolours, but also uses pastels, oils and mixed media. He has been told that his work falls within the style of naïve art, but prefers not to categorise himself into a box. His admiration for the impressionists and a passion for travel continue to inspire his quirky paintings in which blue and a linear approach dominate against a stark white background.

Richard does not always know what he is going to paint and the work evolves from the process itself. The world of the imagination fascinates Richard and this plays an important role in the outcome.

He is encouraged to continue working when his work sells. The sale of one piece funds the equipment for the next. It takes him anything from a day to a week to complete a piece. Richard exhibits from his own studio which is open to the public or visit his website: www.hicksartgallery.com

Richard’s tips for young aspirants:

Life is art and art is life
Make your own art
Study art not for money but for the love of art


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