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Montagu going MMADD

MMADD Festival cover pageMMaddness in Montagu! The excitement is mounting. Feet are tap tapping away, practicing dance moves. Voices are warming up and pens, paper and paint are leaving us all in anticipation of their imminent dialogue on women , the theme for the visual arts category this year at the Youth Arts Festival.

What is different this year is the addition of craft and puppetry categories for the visual arts and also edited photographs in the photography section.  Many more schools are participating this year from all areas of the Western Cape all making their way to the delight that is Montagu, one of the most beautiful winter Karoo destinations on Route 62 in Cape Winelands!

Crisp mornings and nights with often what could be called Summer time at midday are bound to keep the blood flowing full of vital energy essential for what is going to be a festival jam packed with a fully booked drama programme- 29 drama entries, a massive art exhibition, dance programmes and of course all the music entries including choir performances by the learners of Paul Roos Gymnasium and Rhenish from Stellenbosch.   Odwa Mvunghe’s ASHTON CHOIR will also be joining the symphony of voices during the MMADD festival.

This being a competitive platform that seeks to inspire, engage and educate, the panel of adjudicators all come with a wealth of experience and knowledge that will most definitely set the bar high, particularly for our high school participants. Trophy winners this year are all invited to once again strut their stuff during the Annual Montagu Makiti Family Heritage Festival which includes showcasing the incredible talent of our youth.

This is South Africa at its best. Celebrating the youth, their talents and the dedication of their schools in making a difference to the world of the ARTS.  This is RAD culture. Our culture of sharing our passions with one another, daring to fly sometimes unchartered territories, taking on the mammoth task of co-ordinating such a huge festival. We must be a little MAD!

RAD CEO and festival director, Helen Gooderson is dedicated and passionate about bringing the RAD ethos to all who venture into this small rural town so that they too will leave feeling charged and inspired to continue supporting the development of the Arts with the focus on the youth and ensuring that they are encouraged to seek out further opportunities that will give them the wings they need to fly in their chosen genres.

Notable support comes from the following organisations and individuals:

Cape Town Opera

Zabalaza – workshop opportunity for winning drama entries

SAE Institute – RAD mentorship programme for sound and lighting

UNIMA SA – puppetry presentation

Alison Foat – dance adjudicator

Fiona du Plooy – dance adjudicator

Emile Minnie – music adjudicator

Loftus Heunis – music adjudicator

Victor Honey – visual arts adjudicator

Fahruq Valley – drama adjudicator

Danelle de Vries – drama adjudicator

 “Die Skrywersburo” – literature and poetry adjudicators

Laressa Perlman – photography adjudicator

Hassner Pepler – photography adjudicator

In African tradition, it takes a community to bring up a child. 

Once again, I am reminded that what we do would not be possible without the collective energy of a community of people who share our passions for the arts and nurturing the next generation.


Check out the MMADD Festival programme




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