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Zane Henley Stott- Single white male with passion for music on a life-journey

Younger Zane jammingZANE HENLEY STOTT

“My art is your art”

To create without trying to force design or to make sense is the essence of original creativity and artistry
The uninhibited expression of emotion
For this body of work to be seen, heard and more importantly felt
Sense is made of the seemingly senseless
Meaning is drawn from the seemingly meaningless

When the artist is free from doubt
Free from expectation
And only the raw intent of the soul is offered to the audience to be interpreted in THIER OWN way
The art piece now exposes the critics own stigmas, beliefs, hates, loves and desires
It becomes a mirror of the soul
A reflection of their essence

Music is a universal language that touches the heart and soul of man. What is it about this unique form of communication that has the ability to weave a story for the benefit of the listener that keeps drawing us into a world of sound effects that oft mimics the woven fabric of our own personal stories?

Zane Stott’s story thus far shares the journey of every man seeking himself within his passion for music and the written word. As with all journeys, the destination is of little importance. What is and remains a constant, particularly for the aspirant song-writer is how they discover the words that fit and reflect on this journey.
What follows is a peek into Zane’s past to perhaps uncover a small part of what lies hidden beneath the introverted extrovert. He, like many other creative souls is bound by the need to dig deeper than the surface which is reflected in his writing:


I have discussed this with you
you seemed to share my disgust too
thought you wore your disguise so well
thought i would not see
the lies you tell
to me

In time the truth shows through
coming to expose you
Liar…come lie here with me
tell me honestly
just what your intentions entail
what you desire to gain
with your curious tale

In time the truth shows through
coming to expose you

Now that we’ve discussed this through
now that i’m disgusted with you
now that i have corrected and shown you the error of your way
I think i’ll slowly
put down this mirror
and walk away…

In time the truth shows through
coming to expose you

Zane Stott born in 1978 is the son of an activist earth-child mother who is now comfortable with living the rural alternative life-style almost off the grid in Rhenendal, Knysna South Africa and a mechanic by trade father now residing in Saudi Arabia.
One cannot help but be affected by our collective history within the family unit and Zane is no exception. His mom’s involvement with the Southern Cape Land Committee and the Black Sash which includes his Gran Stephanie Henley as one of the founding members no doubt entrenched within him certain values and viewpoints of the world. It also exposed him directly to some of the human suffering that he would have witnessed first-hand due to the nature of his mother’s activism.

Zane does not reflect directly on some of these experiences, but glides over them seemingly unaffected. Perhaps at another time, we could reflect at greater length about this life event.

Zane’s family moved around a lot during his formative years. Durban and the Garden Route were the two areas that were the constants along with his sister from his mom’s previous marriage. He matriculated from Glenwood High School in Durban in 1996. His education was broken up into chunks with a 4 year sojourn to the UK where he lived with his Dad and his new wife (his parents were divorced). His memories of school in the UK are happy ones and there is some regret that he could not complete his education there although he does not feel at all let down by his return to South Africa to an education system that did not do much to feed his soul.

Highlights from his school years include not only playing rugby at Glenwood, a school that prides itself with being one of the top rugby playing schools but also drama where he honed his performance skills. A production of Grease in the chorus line singing and dancing led to his being honoured with half colours for his performance. The school marching band was another highlight.
Having Perthes disease in Standard One/ Grade 3 kept him in a leg brace for a year. Zane who loved to play sports missed it so much during this time that he would often unhinge his calliper to climb trees or run around. It was during this time that drawing and writing became important companions now very much part of his life. It should come as no surprise that this period of forced inactivity at such a young age has steered him in some way towards his passions which are both ethereal and physical. Burning the calliper and joining a soccer team after this significant period most certainly reflects Zane’s passion for the physical. Asides from his music and writing you will find him involved with mixed martial arts and cross-fit training.

Despite no formal music training he has managed so far to rely on pure instinct and tenacity by learning and picking up from other people. Perhaps some day he will take that plunge, but for now Zane is having fun navigating the university of life. Having regular careers was not given much emphasis during his formative years. Rather the pursuit of ones passions a lifestyle philosophy which is evident amongst his family members was the emphasis for Zane when he left school.
No university degrees, diploma’s and bell’s and whistles attracting one possibly to dull 9 to 5 job opportunities for this journey. Zane, has, like so many creatives, been employed in many different areas when and where the opportunities presented themselves. For the most part this has been in sales, marketing and management. A love of film led him to a stint as a film projectionist. Web design and marketing played a role in his life and even getting creative with pizza which he believes were the best pizza’s in town.

The university of life has given Zane the tenacity and experience to tackle the challenges in an almost nonchalant manner seemingly unstressed by the twists and turns. To coin a phrase: “life happens” certainly applies to Zane. While not actively being employed in the traditional sense, he was jamming with his great friend and music collaborator Denis Harrisson at gigs in Knysna and then in Cape Town.

The gigs began after entering an “idols” themed competition at “Tin Roof Blues” in Knysna. They soon dropped out of the competition when they realised that they were expected to sing pop songs by the likes of Britney Spears. They made the decision to still play at the end of the competition because they had written 4 songs in a few short days. Their music was so well received by the audience that the band was invited to play at a monthly charity event for Animal Welfare. This soon led to their gigging once a week in Knysna.

Lyrics of 2 songs they played- music by Denis Harrisson, Lyrics and vocals by Zane Stott

“The Scream”

they say this is progress
look how far we’ve come, look at what we’ve done
just to get here
seems we’re slipping
into regression
seems we’re all
a little too proud
Can’t you hear the scream?
Do we drown it out with our choice to remain silent?
Can’t you hear the screaming
In this silence?
it seems we wear
this destruction and greed
like a badge of honor
we’ll leave our mark on this land
coz this stain, this scar
is the truth of where we are
Can’t you hear the scream?
Do we drown it out with our choice to remain silent?
Can’t you hear the screaming
in this silence?


They’ve never seen the face of man
Now we stand face to face here
How strange we must seem
These strangers bound by this state of war
So free
From human touch
But now the silence is broken
The soldiers are coming…to rest
Upon this soil
Upon this battlefield
We feed her with the blood
of our fallen
They are the willing
sacrificing…So others may live
So free
From human touch
But now the silence is broken
The soldiers are coming…to rest
Upon this soil
Upon this battlefield
Nature of…

Zane calls these the “inbetween times”. Ironically they used to earn from gigging which makes one wonder what happened. He and his friends gigged under the names Seed of Dust and then simply Dust. Sadly, when individual circumstances changed, despite the fact that they were at the point to take their music to the next level, it all went to…. dust. In Zane’s own words: “it is easy to find people to jam with, but not so easy to find people to really connect and collaborate with” . He had this with Denis. The music scene in Knysna has changed some what over the years and is definitely not as vibrant as it was back then.

As far as musical influences and taste… He enjoys a wide variety of music, rock, grunge and metal in particular. He reckons his love songs will definitely not be typical or the norm…

Zane chooses not to play other people’s music.

In his words…

“I was so passionate about the genre and not “selling out” that i suppose it became a calliper in my music career.”


Caught in the clutches of your embrace
Cold and bitter sweet
I wore you like a curse
So in time I could be free

Well I found my way
Burned you today
Then I threw you away

In our next “episode”, we will delve a little deeper into Zane and his personal life, reflections on relationships including significant people in his life.


A cry from the swirling depths to complete you
In life
In death
The truth surrounds you
With your first and last breath
The truth becomes you
It will always claim you
Come back to me my son
My daughter
Without you , these years have been so bitter
But that is how i left you and that is how i tempt you

To read more check out this link to Zane’s words

On another note, please feel free to engage here, share your comments and give us some feedback.

Exposed- Scratching the surface of Zane Stott


2 comments on “Zane Henley Stott- Single white male with passion for music on a life-journey

  1. Mark
    June 15, 2014

    Lovely well written and insightful article. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to the next part.

    • Tonya Laure-Smith
      June 15, 2014

      Thanks Mark. I will ask Zane when he will be ready for another interview 🙂

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